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Because it's all about being the BEST YOU.

Specializing in FERTILITY and personal TRANSFORMATION.

Customized treatment plans for PAIN, EMOTIONAL issues and ADDICTION.

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Blufyre Wellness

Alternative Medicine & Eastern Medicine meet Functional Medicine. A hybrid of biomedicine and Traditional Oriental Medicine (TCM) for Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression.

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Blufyre Fertility

Baby Whisperer Dr V brings her Alternative approach to conception for success w Natural Fertility and IVF support for HAVING HEALTHY BABIES THE HEALTHY WAY©.

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Blufyre Apothecary

Custom prescribed Chinese Herbal Medicine formulations and wellness products. When only the purest and highest quality herbs will do.

Kindle your FLAME with SPARKS of LIFE©

Alternative Medicine. Acupuncture. TCM.

Blufyre Wellness, the Alchemy of Healing ©

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